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Leisha Morrison


Diversity is a hot topic which has a lot of advocates but it often isn’t executed that well, and that’s because in order to bring change about, you need inspiring leaders who have fought through the challenges that the minorities face. In my experience, there are often plenty of advocates and supporters, but inspiring leaders who lead from experience are thin on the ground and this is what I wanted to help change when I founded Women in Data. I wanted to create a network of data professionals that can learn off each other, no matter their age, experience or background in order to knowledge share and help foster exciting careers in the data space so that we can develop more women in this area.

Joel Stein


Joel has worked within the data industry for seven years now and is helping shape careers within the industry. Having conceptualised the idea with Leisha, Joel hopes to drive the interest of younger women in STEM subjects and showcase the types of careers they can get in data and technology. Through investing time in young minds and educating them before they reach adulthood we will be able to give girls a platform to express themselves in areas they may have previously not considered. He is excited to be a big part of the continued growth of Women in Data.

Fi Gordon


Fiona Gordon is not just your average data geek, with over 15 years’ data industry experience, she is leading the way for women in the field. Her passion and enthusiasm as a mentor, trainer and leader has given her the drive to set new standards in analysing data, most recently with leading the retail datawarehouse implementation, agile proof of concept data wrangling in Alteryx, and enterprise deployment of Tableau at Optus. With a history in business intelligence and analysis, Fiona is a strong advocate supporting women in data. Leading by example and using her skills to create new, innovative, opportunities encouraging women to get involved within the industry.

Helene Do


Helene Do has worked with data throughout the 20+ years of her career, across Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation. As a senior leader, too often the only woman in the room, she thrives to advocate diversity. Working for companies across three continents has helped Helene shape her style to grow the future data experts in her teams. For them to achieve their best, Helene is applying her coaching, mindfulness and firefighting skills, she is indeed a bush volunteer firefighter! In joining Women in Data, she saw similarities with her experience as a volunteer coach for Dress for Success Sydney (DFSS). Both organisations thrive to empower women. A successful woman dressed and coached by DFSS will work, reach independence, get out of poverty and help her community. Helene is cannot wait to share stories with members of Women in Data, and achieve a similar multiplying influence.

Michaela Aguilar


Michaela Aguilar is a digital solution expert with over 25 years of experience across all industries. She is a online data pioneer who was working at the first internet research firm www.consult in 1988 collecting consumer data and working with organisations like CommonWealth Bank to develop and improve Netbank and Telstra [then Australia Telekom] to reduce churn rates. Michaela knows that nowadays In digital every decision businesses make have to be based on data, that can be analytics, qualitative and quantitative research data or findings from big data sets. She says "We went from an era of computer literacy in the 90s to online savvy in 2000. Now we live in the era of data literacy moving into machine learning and AI." Since the beginning of the commercial internet Michaela observed that the industry was male dominated and women weren't attracted to move into the field of digital and analytics. Michaela would like to contribute to attract more women in the field of analytics and work with teams, women and men, to create a better and more balanced work environment that let's everybody play by their strengths. That includes working with organisations and team leaders to manage and create analytics teams that work collaborative, creativly and are high performing enjoying a great gender balanced work environment and equal pay. In her work with clients, Michaela focuses on creating organisational capability over technology. She has a true passion for building, educating and mentoring individuals and teams to achieve high quality outcomes that benefit the business and the end user or consumer. She has held senior positions in organisations such as AC Nielsen and Nielsen Netratings, ThoughtWorks and HotHouse Interactive. In her current role at Catchi she helps businesses to focus on customer experience optimisation, or CXO, across channels.

Zoe Willis


Being a proud geek and having worked in the data world in one guise or another for over 20 years, I was enlightened to the importance of diversity back at university and have since become an advocate of meritocracy ever since. I believe that to be a true leader, be successful and be part of an effective team you need to have a balanced set of people from all walks of life with varying skills, capability’s and merits. The data world being largely male dominated can mean that we are often missing a diversity that adds a different flavour to a team and this is something I would like to change. As a high integrity leader, Women in Data is something I am very proud to be a part of, to be able to help create opportunities and foster understanding of the data world across all diversities is something I am hugely pleased to offer assistance to. The more we highlight the challenges the data world faces the more we can change the way we work, I myself am looking forward to the networking, education and challenges I’m sure we face, Bring it on!..

Alene Kieser


As a member of committee for Women in Data I hope to bring data and analytic insights together because being a Data Scientist doesn't presuppose a good Analyst Each have their place and are equally important. After 15 years in digital data, spanning media, Telecommunications and finance, I have seen, first hand, that data led organisations who understand their customer transactional life cycle and communicate with them are set for success.

Hannah Pryjmachuk

Marketing Coordinator

Hannah has been a part of the Women in Data process from the start, organising venues, communication and marketing through to the event management of the day. Any queries or questions you may have regarding marketing, digital or sponsorship, feel free to get in touch.