Women in Data: Helping to champion more women in data analytics and beyond!


To create a culture that encourages more girls to choose STEM subjects for higher education. To do this there are 2 phases. The first step is creating as much noise as possible within the current data community to highlight the lack of diversity within the industry and identify the challenges around this. The second phase is to educate the next generation around Data and to find solutions to the problems so that we can support an increase in the number of women in data (24% currently). Click below to watch the video on why you should get involved with Women in Data.

A diversity focused platform

WID is a professional networking group with the core purpose to encourage better gender diversity in the corporate data analytics and data science fields.

Create awareness

WID is a regular meetup group encouraging and coaching predominantly women to succeed in in a data science or data analytics career.

Upskill data professionals

WID is a networking and learning community for professionals aspiring to work or working in the field of data science and data analytics. The purpose of the group is to promote and create better gender diversity in this professional field.

We asked why WID is important. Listen hear to found out:

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